How to Think Like an Alpha Cop

Chevy's Emeryville 1890 Powell Street, Emeryville, CA, United States

Whether you’re writing a small-town sheriff or a big-city homicide detective, cops have some common characteristics. Expert Lee Lofland lets us in on their world: from badge bunnies to bad station house coffee. He’ll also share what the Writers’ Police Academy has in store for its 2017 program.


Writers’ Police Academy

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Green Bay, WI, United States

The 9th annual Writers’ Police Academy offers an exciting and heart-pounding interactive and educational hands-on experience for writers to enhance their understanding of all aspects of law enforcement, firefighting, EMS, and forensics. When: August 10-13, 2017 Where: Northeast Wisconsin Technical College International Public Safety Training Academy Green Bay, Wisconsin As always, there’s far too much to […]