Domestic Violence: No One Deserves It

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence isn’t limited to physical abuse.

It comes in many forms, such as threats, stalking and intimidation, name calling, threatening the children or pets, threatening suicide to get you to do something, preventing you from getting a job or even going out of the house, withholding money, and preventing you from contacting family and friends.

Unwanted sexual activity is also a form of domestic violence.

Many times, the abuser uses domestic violence to maintain control and power over his wife or girlfriend (most victims are women). Some of the means/abuse used to control a spouse are:

1) Emotional abuse—make her feel as if she’s crazy, or unworthy.

2) Controlling what she does, who she sees, where she goes, and even what she reads.

3) Make her believe the abuse is her fault.

4) Using the children—threatens to take them away or make them feel guilty about them.

5) Uses money—won’t allow her to work, makes her ask for money, and takes her money.

6) Treats her like a servant—doesn’t allow her to make decisions.

7) Physical violence—hitting, slapping, biting, choking, kicking, threatening her with a weapon, (or using a weapon against her).

If you or someone you know is being abused

Please don’t wait. Call.

Domestic abuse hotline: 1-800-799-7233


Please don’t wait.


Domestic abuse hotline: 1-800-799-7233


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