South Africa

Fire up the Land Rover, grab your pith helmet, and practice your best Tarzan yells because this week’s Weekend Road Trip takes us to beautiful South Africa.


Mystery/romance author Terry Odell was kind enough to lead the way through the dark jungles by providing some great photos. Remember, keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times!

You can visit Terry’s website at


Hiking to the lighthouse on Cape Point.


Kruger National Park game drive.


Valley of Desolation.


The Potholes


Victoria Falls


Rainbow Falls

Hike in Olympic Mountains


Another week has passed and crime still marches on. However, it’s time for us to sign 10-7 ( out of service), pack the car, and head out of town for a little R&R. Our Weekend Road Trip this week takes us to Washington state in the mountains overlooking the San Juan Islands. Take a deep breath. The hike up and over to the water is not for the weak.  Enjoy the view.





See you at Monday morning muster for part two of The Morgue.


Mt. St. Helens


After a long week of playing cops and robbers, it’s finally time to take a day off from fighting crime. I promise I’ll have you back in time for Dr. D.P. Lyle’s appearance here on The Graveyard Shift on Monday.

Now, sit back, relax,  and enjoy the view.






Remember, Dr. D P Lyle will be on hand on Monday to answer your forensics questions.


Dr. Lyle is the award-winning author of many books. He serves as a consultant for television and film writers, and he’s a practicing cardiologist in the L.A area.