Beach PARTY!!

Beach Party


Once there was a lonely stretch of beach, where not a creature stirred, not even a crab. Not a flopping fish or screeching gull. No swooping pelicans, laughing boys, or squealing girls. No sandcastles, no taffy. Or flying discs or balls bouncing.

But all was not lost, for a single word was heard. Yes, it was that word. From where it came was not known. Perhaps from the lips of the Christmas tree, or those of the cat beneath the hat. But it matters not from where it came, because they answered the call.

And then it happened. There was no place to stand on the wet sand or the dry. They came from high and low. From beneath the rocks and from towns far and near. The cheese and the gator. The young and the old. The hot and those very cold. They each heard the word, and all answered the call.

You, too, have heard the word—that single word—the single syllable that stirs the blood and moves the feet. The five letters that… Okay, enough with the corn. Let’s PARTY!

And then there were these two hardcore party animals…

So how’s your weekend? Doing anything fun?