Armored Luxury Cars: For Your Hard-To-Buy-For Protagonists

Armored luxury cars

We’ve all either read or written car-chase scenes where the lead is flying and the rounds are zinging and pinging off fenders and glass on both vehicles. In real life that would be a ridiculous notion, right? Well, not if your characters were driving one of these totally armored/bullet-proof vehicles (yes, these are actual armored vehicles).

BMW 7 Series Sedan

Audi S8 Sedan

Lexus 600 HL

Mercedes S550

Ford Expedition

And, for those of you who are simply dying to know…yes, the tires are specially-designed “run flat” tires. When punctured by gunfire or spike strips, they’re still able to run on their solid interiors, as seen below.

Actually, the rubber part of the tire is merely window dressing and isn’t needed at all. Well, except for comfort, hugging a wet roadway, etc. But the run-flat tires will allow the vehicle to travel with little or no difficulty.

Even the gas tanks are protected by bullet-proof material.

* The Armored Group images. Please contact them for all your armored vehicle needs.

Of course, for short trips around town there’s always…

And for long journeys when stopping presents immeasurable security risks…