A New, Safe Method of Applying and Removing Handcuffs

A New, Safe Method of Applying and Removing Handcuffs

How many times have you been punched in the face while removing the cuffs from your prisoner? I know, once was enough, right? Well, the folks over at Cuffsafe Industries have come up with a handy solution to the problem—the Cuffsafe Device.

The Cuffsafe Device is specifically designed to assist law enforcement and corrections officers with the safe removal of handcuffs from prisoners. It also works when applying cuffs.

Cuffsafe provides a physical barrier between the officer and the suspect, which provides a safety zone.

Cuffs are securely locked into the device, allowing the officer to safely search the suspect. Even with only one hand cuffed and locked, it makes it impossible to use the cuffs as a weapon.

It only takes one time of having a prisoner hook you in the face with an open cuff to know you’ll never want to experience that again. Imagine the “hook” catching the cheek, or an eye.


The Cuffsafe jaws are adaptable to either chain-link or hinged cuffs. The keyed lock deadbolts the cuffs in place. There’s no getting out of this thing!

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