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6 Ways to Help Your Make-Believe Evidence Collection More Believable

Proper evidence collection is a must if your protagonists have any shred of hope of winning a murder case in the fictional courtrooms you’ve fabricated solely from ink and paper. In fact, the only chance your DNA DA has is to present fact when testifying to the make-believe judges and juries you’ve concocted in those fantasy […]


Evidence Collection: Paper, Plastic, or … ?

There’s more to evidence collection than merely bagging and tagging bloody clothing and spent bullet casings. Crime scene techs are highly trained, skilled members of police agencies and forensic laboratories who more often than not provide the keys to solving cases. In the “good old days,” many officers, including patrol officers, collected their own evidence (some […]


How to Properly Identify the Red, Wet Substance Called Blood

Have you ever read what you thought was a fantastic book, the kind that forces us to read into the wee hours of the morning, not wanting to stop because the writing is so doggone good? But then on page 1,617, well, there it is, the sentence that makes us scream like the shopper on […]


Footwear Evidence & Theft Detection: Leaving A Lasting Impression

Footwear Evidence & Theft Detection Final Day of Sirchie Evidence Collection Training Classes – by Patti Phillips Criminals rob, murder, rape or otherwise inflict bodily harm upon their victims. Physical evidence at a crime scene is an essential part of figuring out what happened. It is up to the police officers, investigators, and examiners to […]


Patti Phillips: Day #1 Blog from Sirchie Evidence Collection Class

Patti Phillips is a mystery writer/photographer/reviewer whose best investigative days are spent writing, cooking, traveling for research, and playing golf. Her time on the golf course was murderously valuable while creating the perfect alibi for the chief villain in Patti’s novel, “One Sweet Motion.” Did you know that there are spots on the golf course […]


Evidence Collection and Preservation

  Paper evidence bags are best used for containing “wet” evidence, such as bed linens, pillows, rugs, and other items saturated with body fluids. Plastic bags act as mini incubators which allows bacteria to grow, and the presence of bacteria can alter or destroy DNA. Large bags, such as the ones pictured above are perfect […]


Evelyn (“Ev”) E. Dense: A Guide To Crime Scene Investigation

Officer Willie Findem was hot on the trail of two armed robbers, running as fast as his flat feet could carry him, when he heard a woman screaming for help as he raced past a row of shotgun houses in a section of town the locals call Murder Alley. Despite the fact that his heart […]


The Language of Cops & Crime Scene Investigators

The language of cops and crime scene investigators is certainly something that can be incorporated into works of fiction for an added layer of realism. Of course, the writer’s work shouldn’t read like a law enforcement dictionary, but the use of proper terminology, when appropriate, is definitely a nice touch to any crime novel. Dialog […]


Crime Scene Investigation Taboos: The Dirty Dozen

Detective I. Will Gitterdone had a spotless attendance record, never missing a day for sickness in his entire thirty-three years with the department. In fact, in all of his years of wearing a badge and toting a sidearm he refused to soil that record even though on this particular day his fever hovered at 102, and […]