2017 Writers' Police Academy

Premier Law Enforcement Training Event For Writers


WPA PIT instructor Colleen Belongea (in the passenger seat) and Star Trek TV series writer Lisa Klink (behind the wheel).

It’s no secret that the Writers’ Police Academy is THE premier law enforcement training event for writers on this planet. Actually, we’re almost certain we could make the same claim about the entire universe. However, until we expand to places where “no man or woman has gone before,” well, we’ll stick to fact. Although, Lisa Klink, a successful writer of Star Trek episodes, attended the WPA last year, so perhaps she’ll cleverly devise a means for us to venture out to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new WRITERS!

2017 WPA Registration opens Sunday February 19, 2017, at noon EST!!

Until we set up shop on a passing comet, though, we’ll continue to deliver THE most thrilling, exciting, heart-pounding event this side of Pluto.


For now, though …

For those of you who don’t know, The WPA takes place almost entirely on the Oneida Indian Reservation. In fact, even our stunning event hotel, the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center (Green Bay) is owned by the Oneida Nation and is situated on tribal land, and we feature numerous sessions taught by tribal police officers and instructors.

For the first time in the history of the WPA, and most likely a first for a typical writers’ conference, we are kicking off the WPA weekend with an amazing opening ceremony. And you, attendees of the 9th annual 2017 Writers’ Police Academy, are invited to be a part of this spectacular, memorable, and emotional experience—The Blessing of the WPA, led by tribal leaders, color guard, dancers, Miss Oneida, and other members of the Oneida Nation!

You are invited to attend the Opening Ceremonies and Official Blessing of the 9th Annual WPA!

13557902_1185877734777102_4295761072073312193_nScreen Shot 2017-02-10 at 8.36.46 PM

When: Thursday August 10, 2017
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Where: Radisson Hotel and Conference Center Green Bay (The WPA Event Hotel)


We are extremely pleased that you’ll be sharing this remarkable time with us. After all, you are part of our family. So yes, the Oneida Nation, the WPA, our host academy/college (NWTC) and YOU! A winning combination, for sure!


  • WPA orientation begins immediately after the conclusion of the opening ceremonies.
  • The 2017 WPA schedule is now online at the Writers’ Police Academy website. As always, workshops are added regularly. In fact, I’ll be adding more to the schedule all this week and early next week.




*Remember, the WPA often sells out in a hurry! Please be sure to register on DAY ONE to secure your spot, and for a chance to win free registrations and other bonuses! These free giveaways are available only to those who register during the first 24 hours!!

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 12.48.06 PM

FIRST-DAY ONLY! Enter Author Kendra Elliot’s $1000 WPA Bonanza Drawing.

Kendra Elliot is donating a fantastic WPA package that includes free WPA registration, banquet ticket, T-shirt, additional swag, and $500 cash the winner can use for travel or accommodations.

This opportunity is available only to those who register on Feb. 19, 2017—the first day registration opens! Fee to enter is $20. Proceeds to be used to help fund a student scholarship at NWTC, our host college/academy.


FIRST-DAY ONLY! You’re Automatically Entered To Win a Free WPA Registration

Everyone who registers on Feb. 19—the first day registration opens—will automatically be put in a drawing for a Free Registration donated by the WPA. Zero cost to enter. (The winner can elect to have her/his WPA registration fee refunded or give the WPA registration to a friend.)



The Writers’ Police Academy is delighted to announce that Sisters in Crime will once again be a major sponsor of the 2017 WPA to be held in Green Bay, WI, August 10-13. Thanks to the generosity of the Sisters in Crime organization, SinC members attending the WPA for the first time will qualify for a whopping $150 registration fee discount.

Not a SinC member? No problem. Simply join prior to registering for the WPA to instantly receive the discount!

You do not have to be a writer to join, and SinC is open to both men and women.

Join Sisters in Crime here


*Due to the unpredictable nature of law enforcement and its necessary and urgent response to real-time situations, the WPA schedule is subject to change at any time, without notice, including the day of the event.




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Writers' Police Academy

Registration Opens February 19

It’s almost here! That’s right, registration for the 2017 Writers’ Police Academy is scheduled to open at NOON EST on February 19, 2017.

You can expect BIG things this year. Over the moon excitement, thrills, and action. Lots of BOOMS, BANGS, sirens, and flashing lights. New workshops include a ton of … well, surprises, as you’ll soon see!

Craig Johnson

2017 is our 9th annual event and, as always, we’ve outdone ourselves with another stellar lineup, starting with Craig Johnson, Mr. Longmire himself, as Guest of Honor!

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 8.18.02 PM

Paul Bishop

Next up is Paul Bishop, a thirty-five year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department. Not only is Paul a renowned interrogator and teacher of all things interview and interrogation, he starred in his own ABC TV series called Take the Money and Run. 


Paul has fifteen published novels, including five in his LAPD, Detective Fey Croaker series. He has also written numerous scripts for episodic television and feature films. He is the co-creator and editor of the popular Fight Card series of hardboiled boxing novels and the Pulse Fiction anthologies. His latest novel, Lie Catchers, is the first in a new series featuring top LAPD interrogators Ray Pagan and Calamity Jane Randall.

Dr. Katherine Ramsland


Back by extremely popular demand is Dr. Katherine Ramsland, director of the Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Program at DeSales University. Dr. Ramsland also teaches courses on extreme offenders and forensic psychology. A regular WPA instructor, she has published over 1,000 articles, stories, and reviews, and 59 books, including The Mind of a Murderer, The Forensic Science of CSI, Inside the Minds of Serial KillersThe Ivy League Killer, and The Murder Game. Her book, Psychopath, was a #1 bestseller on the Wall Street Journal’s list.

Her latest book, Confessions of a Serial Killer, was written with Dennis “BTK” Rader, and her new novel, The Ripper Letter, relies on Ripper lore.

Les Edgerton


Les Edgerton, an award-winning author and writing teaching, is an ex-con, matriculating at Pendleton Reformatory in the sixties for burglary (plea-bargained down from multiple counts of burglary, armed robbery, strong-armed robbery and possession with intent). He was an outlaw for many years and was involved in shootouts, knifings, robberies, high-speed car chases, dealt and used drugs, was a pimp, worked for an escort service, starred in porn movies, was a gambler, served four years in the Navy, and had other misadventures. He’s since taken a vow of poverty (became a writer) with 19 books in print. Three of his novels have been sold to German publisher, Pulpmaster for the German language rights. His memoir, Adrenaline Junkie is currently being marketed. He currently teaches a private novel-writing class online.

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College


The Writers’ Police Academy takes place at the public safety academy on the sprawling campus of Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC). The majority of the event, including our fabulous hotel, is situated on the Oneida Indian Reservation. Believe me, this place is super nice. As you can see in the image below of one of our lecture halls, our facilities are quite nice, modern, and extremely well-equipped.


Keep in mind, though, the WPA is hands-on event with very little lecture-based sessions. Those of you who attended last year will remember exactly what took place mere moments after this photo was taken. Without revealing details, let’s just say that what happened next was HEART-POUNDING realism at it’s finest!

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 3.52.04 PM

Our event hotel, Radisson Hotel and Conference Center, Green Bay

We believe in pampering you guys from the moment your plane touches down in Green Bay until the moment you head back to the airport on the last day. Your accommodations are stunning, the food is great (this is also the official hotel of the Green Bay Packers; therefore, the chef is used to preparing gourmet meals to people who are used to the finer things). And the academy experience cannot be matched.

More from the hotel.

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 3.49.58 PM

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 3.50.13 PM

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 3.50.27 PM

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 3.51.51 PM

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 3.51.28 PM

Yes, there’s a reason why thousands of writers from all over the world have attended the WPA, and it’s because we put you and your needs, wants, safety, and comfort first. Our workshops and presenters are based on your questions and ideas. You requested it and we delivered.

And, as always, our team of academy instructors are the best at what they do, hands-down. They’re top law enforcement professionals from local, state, and federal agencies, investigators, experts, medical professionals, firefighting pros, and more. And, for the first time ever, we’re introducing workshops taught from the other side of the badge!!

Workshops this year are beyond exciting and we’re anxious for you to see the schedule, which is currently being uploaded into the system. You can follow the progress by visiting the Writers’ Police Academy website. We’re currently in maintenance mode but should be out from under that status by the end of the day (Sunday February 5th).

For now, though, let’s talk about the exciting giveaways worth over $1,500!

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 12.48.06 PM

First, author Kendra Elliott, a longtime WPA sponsor, has generously offered to give a package deal—free registration AND $500 in cash to use toward travel, hotel, or whatever you’d like. Details of how you could win this prize package to be announced very soon. You’ll also find those details on the registration form (on February 19th when registration goes live).

Next is a FREE registration. This opportunity is available to EVERYONE who registers on the FIRST day (February 19th at noon). The winner is to be selected by random drawing. To be perfectly clear, this opportunity is available to EVERYONE who signs on the FIRST day registration opens—February 19, 2017 (registration opens at noon EST).

This is the ONLY time this opportunity will be available—the first day of registration, only.

This should be no problem at all since everyone signs up the first hour, right? Remember, space is limited to the first 300 people. So be ready at NOON EST on February 19, 2017. These valuable opportunities could be yours!


Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 5.40.49 PM

*Writers’ Police Academy T-shirts, banquet meals, hats, and other swag may be included in the prize packages.

See you soon!

August 10-13, 2017

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
International Public Safety
Training Academy
Green Bay, Wisconsin




Sisters in Crime, a major sponsor of the Writers’ Police Academy, offers a generous discount to their members attending the WPA for the first time. Not a member? No problem. Simply join SinC today to receive your discount.

*You must be a SinC member at the time of WPA registration to receive the discount. Click here to join SinC today!



The WPA is actively seeking sponsors and items for the raffle and silent auction. Thanks to you, to date we’ve given our host academies/colleges over $100,000, and the figure only grows higher. It is because of your generosity that we’re able to do what we do!

Please contact me at lofland32@msn.com if you’d like to join our family of sponsors. We need you, and a sponsorship is a great means to advertise you and your work to a worldwide audience!

We are also seeking volunteers to help out at the event. Raffle and silent auction experience not necessary, but big smiles and the ability to sell tickets like your life depends on it are, well, a big plus. 🙂

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Today, election day 2017, the Writers’ Police Academy committee chairs come together once again to begin planning for the 2017 event, our 9th annual extravaganza. As always, we strive to deliver the biggest, the most thrilling, and the best event on the planet. 2017 promises to be even better than any our of past events, and that’s saying a lot because … well, watch this brief trailer from the newly-formed WPA Films (a preview of the video to be released next year) and you’ll see what I mean.

Also, you may enjoy watching for familiar faces. Hint … Lee Child, Michael Connelly, Lisa Gardner, Kendra Elliott, Melinda Leigh, Tami Hoag, Karin Slaughter, Lisa Klink (Star Trek), Alafair Burke, John Gilstrap, Robin Burcell, and David Corbett, to name a few.

The Writers’ Police Academy is without a doubt the best in the business, which is why thousands of writers have traveled from all across the world to attend. Many return year after year after year, and they still haven’t see all there is to see, nor have they done all there is to do. After all, we offer over 50 workshops during the four day event. This is actual hands-on police, fire, and EMS training!

Okay, it’s time to have a peek at this thrilling event with your own eyes. So crank up the volume, switch the video to full screen, and HANG ON!