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Castle: Crossfire – A Disappointed Cop/Bad Cop Review

  “I don’t care if it’s protected by The Hulk, we’re going to tear this place apart.” ~ Esposito Melanie Atkins Well, I didn’t watch Castle live last night because I preferred to follow along on Twitter and gauge fan reaction first, but I did watch the ending later and the rest of it today […]


Castle: Hell to Pay – A BadCop/Missing Cop Review

  Seek the truth and thou shalt be in light ~ the book of Castle Due to a series of recent hacking attempts into this site, we installed new high-tech security enhancements. Part of those heightened protections include some pretty fancy cameras strategically placed throughout The Graveyard Shift office compound. Well, last night the cameras caught an intruder […]


Castle: Much Ado About Murder – A Sad Cop/Bad Cop Review

  “It was a Hollywood promise. Not worth a damn.” ~ Castle Melanie didn’t show up for work again today, the second Tuesday in a row. I heard through the grapevine that’s she’s gone into hiding since the show took such a drastic turn for the worse. However, she still has a key to the […]


Castle: Dead Again – A Sad Cop/Bad Cop Review

  “Why the hell won’t you die?” ~ Crook of the week, Gwen, to intended victim du jour. Important announcement! The skies are a bit dark around here today. The halls in The Graveyard Shift are quiet. There’s only one coffee mug on the conference table, and one of the only two chairs in the […]


Castle: Backstabber – A Good Cop/Bad Cop Review

  “Safety first.” ~ Castle, as he slips on a helmet before joining Beckett in bed. Melanie Atkins What a perfect title for last night’s show (which I hated, BTW), because ABC has just stabbed Castle fans in the back with their refusal to re-up Stana Katic’s and Tamala Jones’ contracts for season 9 to […]


Castle: Death Wish – A Good Cop/Bad Cop Review

  “You don’t give your stories away for free, and neither do I.” Dr. Marion Baker, this week’s killer du jour. Melanie Atkins I loved last night’s episode of Castle. Best episode so far this season. Heck, maybe in the last couple of seasons. I haven’t laughed out loud like that while watching the show […]


Castle: Heartbreaker – A Good Cop/Bad Cop Review

  Our thief/killer repelled… ~ Lanie.  Melanie Atkins One good thing about last night’s episode of Castle? Kate has finally moved back into the loft and all is well on the home front. Yay. One bad thing? The writing. Lord have mercy. Many of the scenes seemed forced, and a couple of them actually made […]


Castle: Fidelis Ad Mortem – A Good Cop/Bad Cop Review

  “This is not going to be the last time you lose one of your coworkers. That is a reality of the job.” ~ Beckett to police academy recruits. Melanie Atkins All I can say about last night’s episode of Castle is that I liked parts of it, but not all of it. Not by […]


Castle: The G.D.S. – A Good Cop/Bad Cop Review

  “I knew I should never have partnered with a screenwriter.” ~ Murderer Du Jour Melanie Atkins The latest episode of Castle disappointed me yet again. I’m getting tired of this. Lee asked me to blog with him back when the Castle-Beckett relationship first began to heat up because I write romance, and he wanted […]